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💥 Followed salina_tha_cook (Ground pork porridge) recipe

▫️ 1/2 C jasmine rice
▫️ 1/2 C sweet rice
▫️ 1 tbsp oil
▫️ 1 lb ground pork
▫️ 2 garlic cloves; Chopped
▫️ 5 slices of ginger
▫️ 1 tbsp oyster sauce
▫️ 1 tbsp golden mountain seasoning sauce
▫️ 1/8 tsp msg
▫️ 1/8 tsp salt
▫️ 14 C water
▫️ 1/4 C chicken powder mix
▫️ Chili garlic oil
▫️ Fried garlic (Optional)
▫️ Century eggs (Optional)

▫️ Add jasmine rice & sweet rice together in a large bowl. Rinse a few times on running water. Place rice with water on the side until needed.

▫️ Place a pot on the stove. Turn heat on to medium. Add oil, pork, garlic & ginger. Stir until meat is cooked.

▫️ Add oyster sauce, seasoning sauce, msg & salt. Stir altogether.

▫️ Add water & chicken powder mix. Discard the rice water. Add rice into the pot. Stir. Let it come to a rolling boil. Turn heat off. Cover the pot with lid. Let it sit for 1 hour.

▫️ Take lid off. Turn heat back on to high. Once when it boils; Stir. Turn heat off once again. Ladle porridge into a bowl & serve with century eggs, fried garlic & chili garlic oil.

Chili garlic oil & fried garlic is from linascooking 🔥

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